Nature Nibble #9 – First Week of June

Get out in your own backyard and see what's going on! Open up the Nature Nibble curriculum document to take a look at what might be going on outside your window. Use the Nature Nibble Links supporting file to open up a YouTube video from our SPECIAL GUEST HOSTS to watch before you go outside. Be sure to look around for other things happening outside your window and either write them down or draw them on your Nature Nibble sheet or in your journal. Get out there and have fun! --Curriculum file is a Rocks Worksheet -- Supporting file is a sheet with links to the video lesson and fun rock facts


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Great Lakes Literacy Principles:
2. Natural forces formed the Great Lakes; the lakes continue to shape the features of their watershed.
4. Water makes Earth habitable; fresh water sustains life on land. :
6. The Great Lakes and humans in their watersheds are inextricably interconnected.

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