Dissolved Oxygen Lesson

This lesson gives a small introduction to dissolved oxygen. The Reserve has the equipment needed for the lesson. The Curriculum download is a PDF document of the lesson plan. The Supporting File is an informational packet for students in PDF form.


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Great Lakes Literacy Principles:
4. Water makes Earth habitable; fresh water sustains life on land. :
5. The Great Lakes support a broad diversity of life and ecosystems.

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  • Ariel Johnson says:

    This lesson is probably my favorite and it can be done at the aquarium or even in a classroom. In a classroom, the Sonde really isn’t required and all that is really needed is the data sheets and supporting file. Introducing the students to properties of gas and liquids while comparing the idea of how dissolved gases behave in liquids by relating it to a can of pop gets students thinking about the conclusion, which is then supported when they graph the data. This can be expanded upon by having students think about bodies of water in their community: have them think about the temperature and use their graphs to find what level of dissolved oxygen they predict would be present. This could help them predict what fish species will be present by using the fish table in the supporting file.