Amphibian Trivia: What’s there to know about frogs and why are they important?

As partners, students will work to understand materials about frogs. Then, partners will be separated to form two groups to play the amphibian trivia game. Students will learn about the importance of amphibians such as frogs as well as how frogs differ from toads.



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4. Water makes Earth habitable; fresh water sustains life on land. :

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  • Ariel Johnson says:

    The trivia game has some very specific questions that, even with the information provided, can’t be answered (even by myself!). It would be a good idea to sift through the cards (there’s a lot of them) and pull out the ones you feel would be best to present to the class. When I taught the lesson, I divided the class into two groups so there was two teams (since there are two frogs with velcro tongues to put felt bugs on, each bug is worth a different number of points). Although the information provided is nice, I would recommend using the trivia game as an end-of-unit fun lesson. Students were each assigned a different paragraph with information about frogs, but as stated above this didn’t help so much since the questions were so specific. This game could be altered to be a test review by not using the cards provided and making your own (perhaps questions students might see on a test) or you could make your own velcro tongued animals and prey to do a trivia game for any animal!